"Seven Signs Your Inner Priestess is Calling"

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The Age of the Priestess has returned.

In times past, we were the Healers, the Tantricas, Midwives, Muses, and Spiritual Leaders. We stood as equals, alongside our Brothers, as guides for our community, offering support, love, and healing. We were Intuitive, Grounded and Holy. We were honored and revered for our powerful connection to the Divine, to the Earth, and as an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine.
That time is here again. 

A Mystic Priestess walks the path of integrity and has given her life in service to the Divine. She is The One that has faced her Shadow, embraced it, and made it her ally to walk her life in balance as the Divine Human. She lives her life fully embodied in the Wild Feminine. She facilitates healing for Herself and others. She communes with Nature as her Power Source. She engages her Inner Sacred Artist. She treats Her body as a Temple. She sets boundaries with Love and Compassion to do her Divine Work in the world. She empowers her sisters to live in their highest possibility, moving out of the model of competition, into one of Collaboration, Communion and Support.

Walking the Priestess Path is a Calling.  
You feel it in your Heart and Soul.  
​You feel it in your Bones.