Attention Spiritually Gifted Women!

Join our virtual global gathering of women entrepreneurs to awaken your Inner Priestess, step out of hiding, and bring your gifts to the world.

✨  It's time! ✨ 



The Age of the Priestess has returned.

In times past, we were the Healers, the Tantricas, Midwives, Muses, and Spiritual Leaders. We stood as equals, alongside our Brothers, as guides for our community, offering support, love, and healing. We were Intuitive, Grounded and Holy. We were honored and revered for our powerful connection to the Divine, to the Earth, and as an embodiment of the ​Sacred Feminine.

That time is here again.

A Mystic Priestess walks the path of integrity and has given her life in service to the Divine. She is The One that has faced her Shadow, embraced it, and made it her ally to walk her life in balance as the Divine Human. She lives her life fully embodied in the Wild Feminine. She facilitates healing for Herself and others. She communes with Nature as her Power Source. She engages her Inner Sacred Artist. She treats Her body as a Temple. She sets boundaries with Love and Compassion to do her Divine Work in the world. She empowers her sisters to live in their highest possibility, moving out of the model of competition, into one of Collaboration, Communion and Support.

​Walking the Priestess Path is a Calling~
You feel it in your Heart and Soul~
​You feel it in your Bones~

✨ Sister, come ACTIVATE your power to create the life you came here to live, beyond your current circumstances, FULL of ABUNDANCE, and aligned with your spiritual authenticity.

✨ If you've been feeling the fear of stepping out with your spiritual gifts, come receive the clarity and support you deserve, in Sacred Sisterhood!

✨ This powerful virtual retreat will help you get clear about what you desire to create in your life, see what's holding you back, and receive visions to move forward!

This is for you if:  

✨ You sense there's something missing in your life & you're ready to uncover it 

You’re sensitive, empathic, and intuitive and you struggle living in the everyday world

 You haven't felt safe coming out of the spiritual closet

You’re holding back from being your 100% authentic self, fully embracing your woo ;-)

You’ve been working for others and not launched “your thing” yet

You know you have spiritual gifts that could support your business success

You know you’re on the planet at this time to contribute something important, but you feel stuck on how to move forward

You’re ready to have a fulfilling, passionate life!

From my heart to yours, dear sister, I understand the struggle of not knowing...  

Not knowing what my life was really for...why I was here, and what was mine to give. 

I’ve been there. A LOT. 

The not knowing is so painful. I understand the feeling of having a calling inside, to create something way more extraordinary for my life than I was living. There was a voice telling me I was here for more, and that I had a deeper purpose and destiny that I wasn’t living yet. 

For years I struggled to figure it out. I was searching at a very young age, asking the hard questions and rarely finding an answer that satisfied me. There was an inner knowing that something about our world was off, and I was determined to figure it out.

The struggle of not knowing led me to spend way too much time on things that weren’t important... overworking, adrenal burn out, chronic body pain, struggles in my relationships, major challenges with money and finances... every area of my life was affected!

And this went on for years. 

The Priestess Path changed everything.

That’s when my life started to make sense. I finally found my “place”, and with that, my deeper purpose started to be revealed. 

Sister, you’ve been gathering pieces of this puzzle your whole life, perhaps not knowing that you were actually on the right track the whole time. There were no accidents, and you didn’t make any mistakes. There were no wrong turns. You’re exactly where you need to be. It all had to happen to get you to where you are now. 

We have found each other for a reason. You have been called. 

I’d be honored to show you the MAGIC of the Mystic Priestess Path. 

✨ It's time to come together as women leaders to support each other in rising together

✨ The world needs your voice, your passion, and your purpose to be fully expressed in the world, as so many are suffering and your gifts are the answer

✨ Join this virtual activation retreat to step through our fall equinox portal together!

Fall Equinox Virtual Retreat Schedule:

Our retreats are experiential, highly engaging, and full of magic!
We will incorporate guided healing processes to let go of the old, welcome in the new, and dance into our desires for 2022!

Friday, September 17~ 7:00 -9:00 pm EST ✨ 

Opening ceremony- Intention sharing- Igniting our portal for the weekend!

✨  Saturday, September 18~ 11:00 am- 5:00 pm EST (breaks throughout day)
A day full of breakthrough exercises, deep connection in sisterhood, awakening your inner Priestess and opening to your deeper purpose. 

✨  Sunday, September 19~ 11:00 am- 2:00 pm EST ✨ 

Closing ceremony, receivership circle, future visioning for your life! 


Now is the time!

Our powerful immersions weekend retreats are usually valued at $797.

We're offering a limited number of
early-bird scholarships,
in order to support as many women joining us as possible!

✨ ✨ ✨

About the facilitator: Marcela "Magdalena" McBride is an Oracle of the New Earth, a medium, channel and Creatrix of the Mystic Priestess Path. She is an initiated Shamanic Christed Magdalene High Priestess in the lineage of Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, and Yeshua the Christ, (her Holy Trinity ;-). She is a non-denominational Ordained Healing Minister and Spiritual Guide that loves supporting women that know they're on the planet to do something important with their lives, and feels it is her mission to help them bring their gifts into the world, to support the evolution of humanity. ​She committed her life to this Sacred Work in 2009, on the gorgeous island of Kauai (that's a story for another time ;-) and has been walking The Priestess Path ever since.